Zanfirico waterglass incalmo- Murano glass

 590,00 IVA Inclusa

Set of 6 glasses in precious white glass reticello and incalmo.
Available in white or black coulor in 2 size,
water cm 7,5 x 10 ca.
soft drink cm 8 x 12 ca.


Set of 6 glasses in precious glass reticello and white or black coulor.
The service consists of hand-blown and white barrel-shaped glasses.
The glass is composed of 2 parts worked and blown separately,
one in white reticello or zanfirico the other in milky white or black,
which will then be joined together to create the desired glass shape
The geometric shape is created by the combination of zanfirico glass rods of different colors
that are shaped in the shape of a spiral during processing.

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Dimensions 7,5 × 7,5 × 10 cm


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