About Us

Murano Glass Lighting by Giemme Luci sas furnace,since over 35 years is specialized in the production of artistic Murano glass,Murano glass lighting and Venetian glass chandeliers in classic and contemporary style.Manufecturer of Murano chandeliers,table lamps,wall lamps,glassware,jewelry and glass furnishing accessories. Our glass production is completely made by hand with authentic Murano glass by our Artisan glassworker according to the most ancient and traditional glass processing techniques.Welcomes in our world,where the respect of the traditions and the development of the creativity,offer you an original Murano Glass product,that will move up.Murano GlassMuranoglasslighting by Giemme Luci means illuminate and decorate with the Original Murano Glass.Thanks to the fantasy of Arianna,young stylist and glass designer,daughter of the glass master Albertini Gianfranco founder of the Albertini family factory and one of the main promoter of the brand of Murano and the experience of Michele,descending from an ancient Murano family and a long generation of glass artisans,but mainly thanks to their love for this ancient art of Murano glass ,born around 1980 the Giemme Luci sas.We did treasure of knowledge and experience handed down by our grandfather (Almiro Santi) , glass master and founder of the famous factory Cristalleria Santi among the oldest Murano specialized in production of glasses and from his father (Alessandro Dona’)glass master specialized in the composition of glass colors, to give and share with our customers a glass product always original, always performed by hand according to tradition with soft and classic lines but at the same time with contemporary forms and colors