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Our chandeliers are shipped after being dismantled and wrapped up tight, piece by piece in the paper and then with special bablewrap. Lying in the package are then completely filled with pieces of styrofoam blocks pressed them.All pieces are marked for easy installation.After receiving the box open and gently remove all the pieces of the chandelier. After removing the protective plastic wrapping them on a large plane making sure there are no cracks.Please do not tear the bablewrap but open it with a cutter and then unroll the paper. Follow the directions listed below photo and video with assistance by an electrician.First of all be sure to use a strong enough hook to hang the chandelier from the ceiling, weighs of a chandelier can be from 7 to 20 kg, for the electrical connection is strongly recommended to get help from an expert electrician. In order to make the easiest as possible and maybe even fun install your chandelier muranoglass we provides exclusively for its clients the following video and photos. We assure you that by following the instructions within a short time you can enjoy the beauty of your chandelier created for you by our master glassblowers. Important: in no case shall muranoglasslighting.com be held responsible for damage caused to people or property due to improper fixing of products to the ceiling or walls or due to incorrect electrical connections. It is therefore recommended to contact professional workers and electricians.Important: remember that the last thing to do is the electrical connection to the ceiling.

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