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Online purchases for customers from United States or Canada

At the moment it is not possible to buy directly adding the product to the cart for customers from United States and Canada for the impossibility to give an exact…
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I saw a glass product on your store in Murano but do not find on site

Hello first of all thank you for your visit to our Murano store! If you saw an glass item or glass lamp and decided to buy it from home, contact…
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Your Murano glass lamps work with the American voltage?

All our Murano glass chandeliers and lamps to the United State market are provided with a complete electrical system(wiring,plugs,electrical sockets) suitable for American voltage 110v.
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How long does it take to process an order?

If the glass item you have chosen is avaible we can send it in 7 working days ( plus 8/10 working days to receive the goods at home ) if…
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